What’s with the Seat Belt?

Normally, at the stroke of midnight, we wish each other Happy New Year with no particular attention paid to the year we just finished up. It’s simply a happy time to start another year.

Not so much this time. 2020 was as much fun as being stuck on the scariest rollercoaster ride controlled by an owner who has no idea how to operate it. We would go up and down, around and around at a speed 10 times faster than it was designed for. We screamed and told him to stop the ride but he kept telling us it’ll be ok. Not to worry, everything is under control.

We asked him repeatedly to stop the ride throughout the year, but he insisted the ride must continue and when people started flying out of their seats because of faulty equipment, he would stand on the ground with a bullhorn barking up to us that the ride is perfectly safe. All he seemed to care about was that it was the biggest roller coaster in the country and it was his to run.

Word got out that he was putting all these people in danger and soon a representative from OSHA paid him a visit. The rep had videos of people being catapulted from their seats, but the owner told him that’s not his roller coaster even though it was clear that it was. They went into the owner’s office for a while and when they came out they shook hands and the OSHA rep told him to keep up the good work. Your roller coaster is awesome! Over the next few months more OSHA reps would pay him a visit. They would make the same complaints, go into his office, come out, shake hands and compliment him on his roller coaster.

Engineers got involved and advised him that there is a severe flaw in the seat belt design and that he must stop the ride and address the design issue immediately before more people take an involuntary leap off his ride. As expected, he would take these engineers into his office and when they came out everything was peachy.

Not long after the engineers, he would ask to meet with his insurance company to make sure he didn’t have to pay anything towards the families of those that perished on his ride. They would tell him that his policy primarily covers the cost of the equipment and his liability coverage is limited, but it would be wise to speak to an attorney.

He would then talk to his lawyer and ask, “How do I get out of this without having to pay anyone anything?” The lawyer tells him he’s basically screwed and could be liable for millions in damages so he fires this lawyer and gets another that is spineless enough to tell him what he wants to hear. The case is simple. The people that go on the ride are responsible for securing the seat belts. There is nothing wrong with the seat belts, the people aren’t using them properly. That’s your case.  

The controversy continues, week after week, month after month, as people are flying to the ground as the owner watched without a care in the world. He needed to keep the ride going. And the more the people complained, the faster he ran the roller coaster.

Eventually, the OSHA reps made their case stick with the cooperation of the engineers, the insurance company refused to provide coverage due to extreme negligence and the lawyers had their repeated cases dismissed. The owner of the roller coaster wound up being sued by everyone and disappeared into oblivion…

So that’s how I see 2020 and my advice would be to stay clear of anything that even remotely resembles a roller coaster.  

Good-bye, Donald

Donald Trump will soon be history and with each passing day he is realizing just how irrelevant he is. Sure, he will cause as much damage as he can over the next 61 days, but this country will survive. This country will always survive. Quite frankly, it will not only survive, but flourish as never before once he is gone.

January 20, 2021 will mark the end of an exhausting 4 year term that reflected more than anything, a feeble man with no notable skills that is starved for attention and validation. A man that possesses no self-confidence whatsoever and has treated the presidency in the same dysfunctional manner as his personal and business life. If I didn’t despise him so much right now, I’d feel sorry for him.  But he hasn’t earned my pity just yet and honestly, I’m not sure he ever will. That’s ok. I’ll get over it.

January 20 will mark the end of drama every single day and the blatant display of selfishness, dishonesty and an inexcusable and unearned demand for loyalty. It will mark the end of having to deal with a man that never learned that loyalty is earned based on mutual respect. A man that never understood the concept of surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you that will tell you things that you sometimes don’t want to hear. A man that never learned to listen. A man that never learned that the world is much bigger that one’s self, much less being Donald Trump. A man that never had the capacity to think beyond himself, let alone the wellbeing of the people that elected him and more importantly, those that didn’t. A man that never respected rules and viewed the world as his playground to serve only himself. A man that thrived on chaos and not stretching the truth but completely ignoring it.

January 20 will mark the day the nightmare ends with Donald Trump fading away not a moment too soon. Kicking and screaming like a spoiled toddler for sure, but fading away nonetheless and allowing this country to take in a well-deserved breath of fresh air.

Years from now, historians will reflect on Donald Trump’s presidency as the most contentious and adversarial term in American history and his “legacy” will be remembered as the most unqualified person ever to serve as president. One that lacked all the qualities required to serve the American people, most of all the love for his country, the ability to lead through collaboration, the integrity to allow others to voice their opinions and actually listen to those opinions, the confidence to encourage and work through disagreement, empathy for not only his fellow citizens but fellow human beings and the ability to put others needs above his own.

I remember the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated and how the country mourned as one. I also remember the sadness I felt as an 8 year old boy. The profound level of sadness I felt for President Kennedy parallels the same level of relief that Donald Trump will soon be gone.

In Trump’s Words

Donald Trump says some crazy shit and I am always impressed with his ability to actually make me think “That’s Some Crazy Shit” over and over again. His command of the English language would impress the smartest 1st grader you can think of.

So here’s a bunch of Donald quotes and my thoughts in bold…

The likes of which the world has never seen before. Quit saying this! Why can’t some things be “Well, it didn’t turn out the way we planned” or “Yeah we fucked up” Come on…we know.

It’s incredible, just incredible. I don’t use that word anymore.

………in the history of the world. It’s good to believe you’re king.

I’ll probably will do it, maybe definitely. So we should take a pessimistically optimistic look at it, right? Not to mention your grammar. “I’ll probably will?” Sorry genius, you gotta clean that up a bit.

I need loyalty. Yeah ok, to a point, but you gotta earn my respect first.

We’re taking care of our seniors. You’re not vulnerable but they like to say the vulnerable. You’re the least vulnerable but for this one thing, you are vulnerable. What the fuck! Am I vulnerable or not!!

I’m the least racist person in the room. Sooooo……….You’re a racist.

The world is laughing at us . Well….Why wouldn’t they be?

I look forward to showing my financials, because they are huge (4/14/11). Hey, no rush buddy. It’s only been over 9 years. Take your time, have a big mac.

The concept of shaking hands is absolutely terrible, and statistically I’ve been proven right. I googled “the concept of shaking hands” and went to Wikipedia where one of the customs states “Hand shaking between men and women is not encouraged in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, etc where the majority religion is Islam.” Yeah, this must be his favorite.

I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke. I can’t….

I’m intelligent. Some people would say I’m very, very, very intelligent. Yes, Donald, you are and if you are a really good boy we will give you some ice cream after dinner.

I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters. Yeah, ok, but would they come to your funeral?

I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier. That must have been one big fucking silver spoon.

I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply funds and she’ll take care of the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park. Sounds like the perfect partner, husband and father to me…

Kim Jong-Un speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same. I think you’d be better off if you let the people argue with you…


Politicians have their own language.

What are they like at home? A typical conversation at the dinner table…

Wife: Honey, we need to get the oil changed in the car.

Politician: Yes, I did notice that the grocery store has butternut squash.

Wife: Great. Maybe you could cook the squash on the grille?

Politician: I know, honey, we do have to look for another car soon.

Wife: What kind of car should we get?

Politician: Yes, the weather has been nice lately.

So one day she snaps at that dinner table and lunges towards him with a frying pan. Food is flying everywhere, she’s incoherently screaming at him as she slides her way right through the mashed potatoes. She is right there and smashes him… His last words were, “Honey, you look wonderful tonight”

The West Wing

I’ve been watching “The West Wing” on Netflix for the past week and it feels good. This is what I believe government to be. An administration staff that believes in the president, they all have the freedom to express themselves and respect the president for what he believes in. The relationships are genuine and real. Why can’t it be this way? To have a person in charge that has compassion and empathy for his fellow human beings.

I watched this series about 5 years ago and many of the the issues they discuss are so relevant to what is happening today. I know, it’s only a tv show but the dynamics within the office are what I hope someday to be. The heartfelt emotions between the staff and the ultimate respect for the president is quite profound. This type of show inspires me and gives me hope and to know that a new, special edition had been made is a good sign of things to come.

Round 2

So what Trump will we see tonight at the debate? A scripted Trump or the combative, unhinged one we all saw the last time?

My money is on combative. If he’s scripted, he’s completely insincere and not believable. And if he’s not scripted, he’s the outspoken, 99.99% incorrect whatever he says guy that thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Please….At least sliced bread has a purpose…

I also put my money on the fact that the mute button will only give him a reason to talk more and be more obnoxious. I applaud the decision to use it, but it’s just another rule to break, just like releasing the 60 Minutes tape. Great move, Donald. Your “talent” for this stuff is immeasurable. They were going to try and measure it but finally threw up their hands and said fuck this, this doesn’t deserve to be measured.

So we will see…Let’s all get our popcorn and enjoy the show.

A Trumpless World

I look forward to the day when we don’t have to hear about anything relating to the most dysfunctional family on the planet with one being President of these United States.

Picture it in your mind. The news of the day is not about Donald Trump or anything to do with him. It’s not even about Joe Biden. The big news of the day is about a little league team somewhere in Iowa that won the Little League World Series. Or the Yankees are a game and a half out with only 10 games to go. The price of a gallon of oil is x amounts of dollars.

That’s much more important news than hearing about Trump totally inappropriately tweeting someone or Trump trashing someone or Trump firing someone. Enough already!! He hasn’t earned so much time in our minds.