When I was much younger, I drank white wine, very dry white wine. My favorite at the time was Bolla Soave. Now, I prefer a heavy, dry red wine. The dryer and heavier the better. Bogle Essential Red is one of my favorites. I’m not into really expensive wines. To tell you the truth, every now and then I’ll look for the cheapest wine I can find just to see how good or bad it is. Ok, most of the time the wine sucks, but I did find a $2.00 bottle of Chilean wine that was great. I’m not holding my breath for anything like that happening again anytime soon.


I’ve been writing a lot of political posts so I think I need to chill and talk about something else. Like bourbon.

Bourbon is good. The rich bronze color alone looks inviting. And when you take a sip, you immediately feel the warmth on your tongue. You slosh it around in your mouth a bit and when it hits the back of your tongue when you swallow it, the taste explodes in your mouth.

Grilling and bourbon…Oh yeah.