Where’s the Charger!?

I try and embrace technology as best I can, but quite often I long for the days before any of it existed. I do enjoy a good Excel worksheet or a cool looking website. And I do have an Instagram page and a Facebook page, although I don’t go on Facebook much anymore as it’s too toxic an environment.

The piece of technology that has had the biggest impact on most of us in our everyday lives is the cell phone. But is it a phone or a computer or a camera or a compass or a map or a means to meet someone? Maybe it’s your flashlight or your banking or your stereo or your Accu-Weather forecast or the Silver Alerts informing us to be on the look-out for a 157 year old silver haired woman driving a 1987 Dodge Dynasty. Or maybe it’s just a means for playing games like Tetris and just veg out in your own little world.

While there are countless benefits of technology, how much have we lost as people, as human beings? It used to be you handed your friend a $20 bill to pay him back, shake his hand and thank him for loaning you the money. Now we can pay you back via Venmo with absolutely no human contact. I do realize that people actually talk to one another outside of Venmo, but there’s less human contact because of it. It’s faster, it allows you to do 10 other things in the same amount of time it would have taken you to drive to the bank, make a withdrawal, hop back into your car and drive to meet your friend to pay him back his 20 bucks. It’s absolutely more efficient.

On a recent trip to upstate New York with my girl we stopped at a vineyard that had a Holy Shit! type of view looking down into the valley. They had a live band playing, we got a bottle of wine and hung out on the patio outside overlooking that spectacular view. And inside they had a very nice sign that said “We’re sorry. We don’t have Wi-Fi here. Let’s all pretend it’s 1990.” It was so refreshing I had to compliment them on the sign.

Technology will continue to keep forging ahead at a much faster rate than ever. And those of us that remember life without technology will fondly look back on a much simpler time.

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