What Time Is It?

I was consistently working very late hours at a job I used to have and on my way home one night I had to stop for gas. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get home to toss myself onto the bed and go to sleep.

So I pull into a gas station, turn off the car, pop the gas tank cover open and ask for $20. I give the guy my card and in goes the gas pump nozzle. Everything was going very smoothly. The guy finishes up and gives me back my card. Everyone’s happy. I start the car to pull away and hear these really loud sounds like metal scraping on metal and realized what it sounds like when you pull away and rip the hose out of the pump because the guy didn’t remove the hose from the car.

When the guy gave me the card back I assumed every aspect of the transaction had been successfully completed so I drove away. I hit the brake and got out of the car to take a peek. I was maybe 10 feet from the pump and noticed it didn’t have a hose on it. Naturally, my first thought was that they were probably cleaning it or doing some maintenance on it and none of this was happening because all I wanted to do was sleep.

I turn around and see a hose in my gas tank. That doesn’t look right. Ok, I guess it’s not in for maintenance and my hopes of sleeping anytime turn to dust. I find the attendant and realize he doesn’t speak the same language as me but probably the same as his brother who owns the 7-Eleven down the street. I go into the office to speak to the manager and am dodging off droves of people coming in to buy stuff in this tiny little store. Doesn’t anybody sleep?

Finally, I talk with the manager and tell him how sorry I was for what happened and that I would pay for the damages. More people come in so the manager has to tend with them. I took this as an opportunity to check to see how much a gas pump hose costs and how much of a financial disaster this could turn into. Turns out the hose is designed to come off when sleep deprived zombies like me show up.

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