One Last Call?

I’m checking out at the local grocery store and among the items I had was a container of kitty litter. The girl scans it and asks me if I’d like it bagged. I say no to which she responds “Would you like me to put an orange PAID sticker on the container?” Did I pay for it? “Yes.”. There you go. The bigger question is why don’t I need an orange sticker on the other 43 items I’ve got stuffed into all those bags? I guess it’s ok if I smuggle out the small stuff in bags and only declare the other stuff. What if I don’t want those 43 items bagged? Is she going to ask me if I’d like her to put an orange PAID sticker on 43 times?

I think my best bet for security reasons is to have that orange sticker on every single item. It’s their problem if they run out of the stickers, they should have anticipated this problem. If the guy that’s printing the labels can’t keep up, at least have a can of orange paint on hand to mark each item.

But without the stickers, you risk getting stopped by security at the door where they could haul your butt into the interrogation room for questioning at the far end of the store next to where the butchers are slicing and dicing. They either let you go home or your value is reduced to $7.99/lb. Sweeney Todd would be proud.

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