We’re looking to move to the country so we’ve been looking at houses. The last house we viewed had major water issues. It’s not a good sign when you drive up to the house and see a tarp on half of the roof and on those parts of the roof that were visible, there was beautiful rich green moss nicely scattered here and there.

On the ceiling of the room below, there was matching plastic stapled to the ceiling to hold up the puddles of water inside and off to the corner was a lovely water sculpture on the wall. A soft light above it would really enhance the appearance of the water dripping down the wall.

When we went upstairs, it was the smell. I really don’t know what that was but we didn’t want to stick around to find out.

The overall style of the house was ok, just in need of a lot more attention we’re willing to consider and could easily turn out to be our own version of The Money Pit. Some would say it’s got good bones, but it’s everything around those bones that’s worrisome.

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