What Time Is It?

So we go to Melanie’s mom-in-law for dinner and we have a wonderful time. Before we got there, I was well aware of the dangerously low level of fuel in the car but I figured I would just get gas after we left. So we left around midnight and in this area gas stations are not open that late, much to my surprise

I have to travel about 20 miles to get home, the gas gage is pretty much pegged on empty but the number on the digital display is telling me I’ve got 40 miles left in the tank. I am realizing this as I am driving in total darkness with no signs of life anywhere.

I struggle with what to believe but I go with the gas gage. This isn’t the first time I’ve questioned that digital display’s accuracy. And with that I turn around and head back to mom-in-law’s but first we call to make sure it’s ok and, oh by the way, can we borrow your car tonight to get home? As expected, mom-in-law was graciously ok with it.

Not my finest moment with the whole gas situation and it won’t the last time. It’s ridiculous to think that I’ve only run out of gas once in my life. At this rate, I should be running out of gas on a weekly basis and getting a great rate from the local tow truck service. I seem to have the need for a good panic attack every now and then and for me it seems low fuel addresses that need.

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