Feel That!

A few years back I built a workbench for my woodworking shop. I worked off of plans I found in a magazine and it came out great. One separate piece I had to make was the wood block for the vise. I had some small scrap pieces left over that I glued together to make this piece. It had some nice detail, was sanded nice and smooth and smelled great and when it was finished I ran into the house with total excitement about this piece I just made, showed it to my now ex-wife who says, “Bob, it’s a piece of wood. You’re not going to have an orgasm over this, are you?”

I’ve had a very satisfying relationship with wood for a good part of my life but it’s always been platonic, yet deep and meaningful. To work with it, smell it and transform it into whatever you like is an incredibly rewarding experience and to run your fingers over a highly polished and glass-like piece of wood is sexy, very sexy.

So I guess the answer to the question is “Yes.”

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