Where’s the Water?

In spite of the fact that I am more of a grass seed kind of person, I recently took the challenge of laying down a small patch of sod in the yard. The installation went pretty well and when it came time to water it, I remembered the house we live in has two outdoor water faucets, neither of which works so I had no choice but to use the kitchen faucet as the water supply.

After roaming the local hardware store for an hour to try and locate the appropriate fittings, I left empty handed knowing what I had to do so I wrapped about a half roll of duct tape over the hose and faucet and then taped a plastic bag over the whole Rube Goldberg setup in anticipation of severe leakage. It took less time to install the sod. I turned the water on, confirmed that leaking was manageable, went outside to find that the water was coming out the other end about as slow as that water fountain in high school just down the hall from homeroom. Flashbacks of standing there for 20 minutes sipping water from that fountain freaking out that I would dehydrate in the hall before I got enough water in me. Now here I am 50 years later basically using that fountain that now has a severe prostate issue to water my lawn

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