Sod or Seed?

A nice lawn is a beautiful thing. The lush green color and the lines from the lawn mower make it a work of art and to get this nice lawn you’d either plant seed or lay down sod.

If you’ve got a decent lawn and are just looking to fill in here and there, you’ll probably go with the seed. If you have a big patch of dirt that you want to turn into a lawn, it’s an entirely different story. Do we want to see a nice green lawn today or do we choose to wait a month? There are rewarding benefits to both, but regardless of which you choose, you must dig up the soil to make it nice and soft for the grass or sod to grow in.

If we are putting sod down, it’s like putting a big puzzle together. That in itself is a lot of fun and very rewarding, but seeing an instant lawn is very cool I must admit.

If you lean more towards grass seed, then you’re going to toss a bunch of seed on that big patch of dirt and cover it with a thin layer of black topsoil. After about a week or so, tiny light green blades of grass emerge through the surface of the black topsoil. The contrast of the green blades to the black topsoil is striking and you can’t help but open your hand and move it slowly back and forth just far enough over the surface to feel the tips of the grass tickle your palm. As the days and weeks go by, the black slowly turns to green.

I can fully appreciate both, but I may lean more towards a grass seed line of thinking.

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