Petrified Veggies

So I decided to grill some vegetables in a small pie pan. I wanted to brush the pan with olive oil but I ran out so I had no choice but to use corn oil, known to some as bicycle chain lubricant. So after I brushed the pan I carefully placed a thin slice of onion in the middle and piled onto it Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and a couple of small sweet peppers.

After about 10 minutes I saw that the oil had pretty much disappeared and I was getting concerned that the whole pile would wind up anything but moist so naturally I threw in some bourbon from the glass I had been sipping. Why not? After a few more minutes, the bourbon evaporated and I realized if I didn’t through some more liquid in there I’d wind up with some nice bourbon flavored rocks. I guess you could suck on them for some level of flavor but a bourbon infused, broccoli flavored Jolly Rancher isn’t exactly what I was shooting for. So I grab a bottle of balsamic vinegar and sprinkle a generous amount in there. Why not? I’m basically grabbing anything at arm’s length to avoid having petrified veggies for dinner.

In the end, the balsamic vinegar helped and it turned out ok. It was edible…

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