Expected Unexpectedness

Unexpected item in the bagging area. Words that most of us have heard at the grocery store self-check-out. I don’t know what the machine is talking about but it wasn’t unexpected to me. I put it there.

Then it asks you if you want to skip bagging. Why do you care if I throw everything into bags, into the cart or load up the saddlebags on my horse?

This happens a few times and the machine gets totally fed up with your incompetence in checking out your stuff so it tells you, for no apparent reason, store assistance is needed. This is the part where you start scanning the area for someone that can pull rank on this machine. All I want is to pay for our stuff so we can leave. I really didn’t plan on spending the evening here. I was actually planning on squeezing in a few minutes to cook some of this stuff sometime before midnight.

In the time it took to check-out, we could have cooked, eaten, had a drink, danced, talked and gone to sleep. Next time we’ll have to bring snacks and refreshments and maybe a couple of folding chairs.

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