Are We Relaxed?

We’ve been going back and forth to the cabin for the better part of a month and we were given a key so we can come and go as we please. I think it’s important to note that we have one key and two cars.

This past trip there were a lot of errands to take care of before we left, packing of clothes and some food and when we finally got the car all packed up Melanie says to me “Do you have the key to the house?” to which I answer with a confident yes. We’re good to go. We’re off to the country.

As we head up the Thruway, we notice how cool the clouds look and how great it feels to be heading to the country. We are talking about how relaxed it feels right about now and how good life is.

About 45 minutes into the hour and a half drive, I suddenly and pretty conspicuously grab my keychain that’s hanging from the ignition of a car that’s moving at about 70 miles per hour to check the keychain for the key to the cabin. As I’m fumbling to see if the key is there, Melanie says, in a manner that completely met expectations, “You don’t have the key, do you?” Clearly, the answer to the question was not the much preferred “Yes, I have it”.

As I’m being reminded that I did in fact say I had the key, I fumbled to respond as all thoughts of how relaxing and beautiful the country is rapidly fade into those clouds that didn’t look all that cool anymore. Ok maybe I thought she was referring to the key to the house were leaving, not the one we were going to in which case I’m an idiot for even thinking it, let alone writing it. We took the Subaru and the key was on the Jeep keychain so maybe I got confused and thought the Jeep was the Subaru. Sure, they look similar.

I had nothing so we decide to push on to the cabin as there was a chance there was a key hidden outside. As we approached the cabin, my heart was racing as I prayed the key was there. I’m not really in the habit of praying, but desperate times require desperate measures.

It turned out that the key was there and I fully recognized the fact that the worst thing I could have said was, “Hey, the key is here so we’re good.” That would not have been my best choice.

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