Pass The Gloves, Please

Having concerns about the wind chill factor and how many layers of clothing you are wearing is not a normal element of having a meal. “I’ll have a bourbon hot toddy, the herring filet in cream sauce, sauerbraten, a heavy scarf and a pair of insulated gloves please.”

While we did appreciate the use of very rustic looking chimeneas strategically placed beside each table, I am a function over form kind of guy so why don’t get rid of those beautiful chimeneas, get some propane powered heating towers and enclose each table with a clear plastic structure. It’s be like eating comfortably in solitary confinement. I should be able to feel my fingertips while I am eating a meal and I shouldn’t be wishing I had a staple gun to staple the menu to the table to keep it from blowing away into the chimenea. Are we going to need fire extinguisher training before each meal?

We were mostly concerned about losing all feeling in our limbs. Had we known they had a dress code that includes insulated underwear and wool hats, we would have dressed more appropriately. Probably not. We’d wait for the warmer weather. We don’t need to eat sauerbraten, or anything else, that badly.

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