Optimistically Annoying

I guess I would describe myself as a chronic optimist that also recognizes that the world could come to an end at any given moment. Yes, the rain helps the flowers grow, the cold weather makes us appreciate the warm weather, sadness helps us to embrace happiness. But how do I know a meteor the size of Texas isn’t heading our way?

Even with that theoretical meteor hurling its way towards us, I am the guy that will always tell you it’s going to be ok, there’s always a bright side. If a deal you made goes bad, I’d be telling you it’s a learning experience that you can benefit from while you are weighing your options and trying to decide if Plan A is worth a 10-15 year “vacation”.

I’m sure there are many folks out there that would want someone to just recognize that they are screwed in which case I’m not your guy. I’ve been screwed my fair share and you would think I’d be more than willing to accommodate you but, sorry, I won’t.  

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