License and Registration Please

I’ve heard many people tell me they don’t trust anyone, but they may trust a whole lot more people than they think.

When you approach a green light, do you trust that those with a red light will stay where they are or do you stop, get out of your car and walk over to every single car that’s stopped to get verbal confirmation from everyone that we’re all on the same page and that they all know they need to stay stopped until it’s green?

Whenever you eat anything, do you trust those that prepared the food safely or do you check for poisonous substances through chemical analysis on everything before you eat it?

When you hop into your car to go somewhere, do trust those that engineered it and simply start the engine and drive off or do you execute a pre-ignition protocol that includes, but is not limited to, an electrical checkout, checking the gas tank for leaks, pop the hood to visually inspect the engine or make sure the brake pads look ok?

When you board a plane, do you simply take a seat or do you demand to see all the safety certifications, the plane’s registration, the pilot’s driver’s license or insist the flight attendant tastes the food before you do?

I thought so.

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