Focus Please

In grammar school, I had difficulty with reading comprehension. I used to get distracted by all the other words on the page rather than letting those I was actually reading sink in. The school had this machine that helped with comprehension by blocking out surrounding words as I read across the page.

Today, I am reaping the benefits of that machine more than I ever could have imagined. I still struggle a bit with reading, but if I need to buy one item, I can go into a store the size of Pittsburgh, be focused only on that one thing and walk out with only that one thing. If I’m looking for an extension cord, I don’t see the plants, the paint, the lumber or the Windex as I walk through the store. All I see is an 8 ft long orange extension cord and when I find it, on my way back I still don’t see the Windex, the lumber, the paint or the plants.

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