Venus & Mars

So you’re having a fairly heated argument with your partner and as the dialogue goes on you can see in her eyes that deep down she’s thinking “I so got this”, oozing more confidence than Tony Stark. You recognize this, process this and come to the conclusion that you are about to be verbally and logically slaughtered. You know it, she knows it, everyone’s pretty much on the same page. It’s gonna be ok.

When we do have those arguments, I will occasionally take a bit more time than the average person to respond. It’s a little obnoxious. Waiting for me to respond is sometimes, not nearly all the time, but sometimes like planting a grass seed, watering it and staring at it, waiting to see it pop through the dirt. My brain has decided since it’s been working ridiculous hours for so many years, it’s time to cut back a little bit and chill.

But I digress…We are talking about women and men, Venus and Mars so they say. The glasses I wore 20 years ago were based on learning and trying to understand my feelings towards women and their feelings towards me. The glasses I now wear show me the endless love, compassion and fire the one woman I care about has.

Whatever side of the fence you find yourself, I think we spend the first part of our life learning about each other and the second half enjoying each other. Maybe it doesn’t work out that way for everyone, but it seems to be the case for me.

In my 66 years on this planet, I have come to realize that women possess something that men don’t have. Women’s intuition maybe? I’ve never heard of a men’s intuition so I think it might be something worth paying attention to.

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