Where’s My Album?

There is a place in this world for technology but it shouldn’t run our lives. From politicians tweeting as a form of communication to teenagers breaking up relationships digitally, we have clearly lost our way.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of technology and use it regularly, but as a person who lived at a time before there were even computers, it’s clear to see we are addicted to it.

I think the biggest thing we’ve lost because of this technology is patience. Normal today is simply touching your phone, and it starts ringing. Years ago you have to dial a rotary phone to call someone and if the phone number had a lot of 7s, 8’s or 9s in it, it took that much longer. I figure my old phone number from back then would take around 15 or so seconds to dial. Think about having your phone in your hand, you press a button and have to wait 15 seconds before it starts ringing.

There was no such thing as remotes for the tv. If you wanted to change the channel you had to get up, go to the tv and turn a dial. In today’s world, someone would figure they needed a dial changer so they would hire someone to sit there and change channels upon request so no one had to get up.

There was no internet so if you wanted something, you’d hop into your car and go to the store to get it. You’d get to the store and have to find a parking space and maybe walk a good distance to get to the store. And if it was in the winter or if it were raining it was a real pain in the butt. It was all part of the experience, not necessarily enjoying the moment, but learning patience without even knowing it.

Listening to music meant having to go to your record collection, finding an album, pulling the vinyl disc out of the sleeve, placing it onto the turntable and placing the needle on the record. Hearing the scratches on the record, the occasional skip…All were part of the experience.

All this new technology enables us to do everything faster and faster and someday we’re all going to explode. Only now do we realize how much patience we don’t have.

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