I’m writing about thinking of things to write about so after I’m done writing, should I be reading about thinking about reading what I thought I wrote? Whether I’m writing or reading, that’s what I think about.

Thoughts come and go. Some disappear in an instant, but others stick around and make it onto paper. Those that disappear probably go into some sort of celestial filing cabinets, but what do they do with all those thoughts? Maybe they raffle them off at the end of each week or maybe they are destroyed with phasers that are definitely not set on stun.

Those that stick around wind up here in some form. When they’re flowing, it feels like my fingertips have a mind all their own and I’m just a conduit to the pen. When they’re not flowing so much, I either listen to music for a few minutes, maybe get up and walk around or write stuff like you are reading right now. And then there are thoughts that sometimes just pop into my head and I start writing…

I need to open up more with myself and just let it go, whatever “it” is…I suppose it’s all about clearing your mind to make the way for positive energy. I guess you could also be clearing your mind to make way for negative energy, but even though my glass is pretty much half full all the time, negative energy I think could give us an opportunity to look back, reflect and remember.

But even positive thoughts have their limitations. I’m thinking right now that I’m feeling a negative vibe, but I’m trying to convince myself to be positive. Is that a positive thought?

Positive, negative, really doesn’t matter, for the most part. As long as I can find it in myself to generally see more positive than negative, I can accept and embrace the negative.

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