Normal Course of Events

What is normal to one is different than normal to another. I think we all have tons of “normals”.

According to Webster, normal is defined as “being of the type that is encountered in the normal course of events.” See, I’ve got a problem with that. If I’m trying to understand the meaning of normal, then how does “the normal course of events” help me?  Trying to process that is like twitching from a short circuit in my brain. It’s a literary themed episode of The Twilight Zone where Rod Serling himself saying “What??!!”

Anyway, everyone’s normal is different, at least a little. One could be living in a small studio apartment while another lives in a 5,000 sq ft home.

Normal sandwich rules to me are mustard belongs on hot dogs and ham sandwiches, mayonnaise goes on turkey and roast beef and ketchup on hamburgers. Normal to you might be “Screw all those condiments. Just give me the meat.”

Some go to stores with the objective being “Let’s get what we need and get out” while others always stop to just look around. Different normals, but just as a side note, I think those that stop to just look around are most likely taking the time to appreciate the moment more than those with an objective.

Some enjoy vodka and others bourbon.

Normal may be hanging out in jeans and a tee shirt while others prefer something a little more formal.

Some look out their window from 35 stories up and see a bustling city while others see trees, lots of trees.

Normal to some may be dancing and talking while others may be skydiving and mountain climbing.

Some like folk music and others the opera.

Some are perfectly happy biting into a Sloppy Joe while others prefer a 5- star restaurant.

I guess I would say that all these different normals are what makes life interesting. They make us understand each other a little more and want to explore more.

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