There’s a Signpost Up Ahead…

Rod Serling was a genius and The Twilight Zone was totally out there for its time. I think it still is. I watched it a lot as a kid and it wasn’t really scary but it did make you think “Wow, that’s messed up.”  Can you imagine what dinner time was like at home? Did he see a ventriloquist sitting across the table with his wooden doll on the chair next to him having a conversation about the Yankees and a monkey over there, dressed in a suit and tie reading Life magazine? Not to mention the mannequin with a face that looks like its melting flipping him the bird. Grocery shopping must have been an adventure. What does a wooden doll eat anyway? Kindling? And what about the mannequin?

What went on in his head every day, hell every minute. How did he keep track of all this stuff? He had to have had a notebook everywhere. The bedroom, living room, kitchen, on the floors, in the bathroom, garage…everywhere until the fire department got wind of it. They told him to clean it all up before his house ignited from all that paper. But it wasn’t until he saw all of those “people” that were at the dinner table helping him clean up when he realized he was playing the starring role in his very own personal episode of…The Twilight Zone.

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