Because You Can

I like Excel. I’ve used it for many years and still do, but much less than before. The worksheets I put together were and still are as basic as it gets and there are a whole lot of really smart people out there that I’m sure use it to its full potential. If Excel is grammar school, I’d be in Kindergarten.

I’ve always had to resist the temptation to make things way more complicated than they need to be and most of the time I’d fail. Add these three numbers, divide it by that one over there and multiply it by the square root of this one here. Then…take that number and subtract it from 10 less than the sum of column W. I make more changes as I go, add more formulas and before you know it, I have no idea what that final number means anymore.

I’ve thought about putting together a grocery list with the grocery name, prices and aisle numbers. The list would be sorted by aisle number to make it easier to navigate through the store and what would really be nice is if Shoprite labels each shelf within each aisle so I know exactly where everything is. Of course, that would require some coordination with them as they would need to let me know when they move stuff around so I can update my worksheet.

Grocery shopping is about spending time with my sweetie, getting the food we need and trying to stay within our budget. But it’s also a logistical challenge. What’s the most efficient route to get from canned corn to yogurt?  Should I stop off at pasta first or get that on the return trip from yogurt on my way to paper towels? A diagram of the store layout would be very helpful here and if I time how long we are in a store, I can track time in the store versus dollars spent.

Given enough time, you could figure out how much money is spent during the hours of 2 and 4 pm in the month of July on Tuesdays when it’s raining. But would you? Absolutely not. But you may just because you can. While I truly admire Excel, I think sometimes it was created to make life way more complicated than it needs to be. Just because you can…

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