Kerry Vincent

I just learned tonight that Kerry Vincent had passed way. My heart aches as I know this woman from afar as being the kindest, most generous person you could ever meet. Kerry made a big impression on my life. It was probably around 2008 when I first connected with her.

I love woodworking and in late 2007 I started building wood cake stands. I had made the first one and I sent e-mails to tons of people. Over 2,000 emails over about a month. One of them was to Kerry Vincent and I got a response from her. And the response I got wasn’t an email. She called me on the phone to tell me what she thought of my work. She was very complimentary about my woodworking.

I remember telling her, when she called, that I can’t believe that I am speaking to you on the phone when just last night I saw you on TV! She immediately started telling me about color trends and styles that might be useful to me in marketing my work. I told her how grateful I was that she called me and she went on to say that she gets thousands of emails each day and she responds to every one of them to encourage emerging artists and help them.

For quite a while, we emailed back and forth and at some point she says to me…”Would you be interested in being my exclusive woodworker for my show? Each year I have a cake decorating competition and I want to make the grand prize one of your stands.” Yes! Thank you sooooo much.

And so for the next 4 years, I built cake stands for Kerry’s OSSAS competition’s grand prize. It was awesome designing a stand for her. It would start out with sketches of the stand, we would agree on a design, and as I progressed with building it, I would send her photos. The whole experience was awesome!!!

And that last year is when I flew to Oklahoma to Kerry’s show to hand deliver the stand I had made for her show. It was the first time I met her in person as it was almost like a life changing experience. I was standing next to this woman who, on the Food Network, was paid to judge artists and had no problem giving me, when I finally arrived, a hard time for being a tad bit late. And with that, she instantly lived up to my high expectations of a person I liked a lot.

That 4th year was the last show I collaborated with Kerry on and I flew to Oklahoma for her show mostly just to meet this incredibly giving woman and when we met it was the most satisfying experience of my life. We emailed from time to time with each other afterwards and it was nice. It was like talking to the most supportive and inspiring friend you could think of. My last communication with her was via e-mail in June 2019…

I am very sad to hear of her passing, but I am happy to have had her in my life, if only for a few of her wonderful years on this planet. She was a joy as a person, and as a friend. This lady will be missed…

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