Where’s the Fire Extinguisher?

Do you eat to live or live to eat? In my mind, those that live to eat would be considered foodies. I am not a foodie…I can eat a lavish meal one day and be perfectly happy with a few hot dogs with sauerkraut the next. I do love good food but I gotta go with science here. You need food to stay alive.

Spicy food is the best and one of my favorite foods is Indian food, specifically Vindaloo. I would always ask that it be made extra spicy. It’s important to me that my eyes start watering and I break out into a sweat simply by eating a meal.

One Indian restaurant suggested that if I want it really spicy, order it Indian Spicy, but he did go on to say that when you get it that spicy, you lose some of the flavor. He was missing the point. It’s not entirely about flavor and taste, but also about the challenge of eating something that spicy so you can boast about surviving to talk about it. It’s the food version of climbing to the top of Mount Everest.

I did meet my challenge once at Sapphire in the city. I ordered Indian Spicy Vindaloo and boy did they deliver! The bowl is usually clean as a whistle when I finish but I couldn’t clean up all that flammable sauce when I was done. I finally met my match and will live to fight that battle another day.

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