People Speeds

Everyone exists at different speeds. This is what makes us all special. Some of us are a tortoise and some of are a hare. I would describe myself as a tortoise with a mild shot of espresso in me. I may outrun your average tortoise, but for the most part I move at a steady, somewhat irritatingly slow pace. I’ll get there, just give me a little time.

I have found that hares wake up instantly in the morning. As soon as their eyes are open, it’s as if they’ve been up all day. When I wake up, it’s not like a black-out, more like a brown-out. Power is at a significantly low level, you know it’s coming back to full capacity but it’ll just take some time. This tortoise needs at least an hour or more to wake up, and even then, I’m not completely awake, let alone coherent. A few cups of coffee, relax a bit and I’m ready to start my day. The fact that I need to relax a bit after waking up is ironic since I just relaxed for about 8 hours. My brain and my body need to ease into consciousness.

It’s not like I’m in a bad mood when I wake up. It’s more like no mood at all. Just give me a little space for a little while so I can grasp the reality of the day. It’s pretty basic I think, but I’m not sure hares grasp this concept.

I‘m not sure the hare is more productive than the tortoise. Maybe they just get more stuff done when it’s light outside. Our internal clocks may just be a little skewed. I don’t know really…

But what I do know is that this tortoise is with the most amazing hare and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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