I’m an optimistic person. I guess you could say my glass is half full most of the time. Most of the time because even optimists have their moments when that glass is barely moist.

That first layer of snow of the year is beautiful, if it’s followed by another layer every day for the next few days, it’s looks nice and spring is right around the corner, but if the layers keep coming every day for a week and a half, now I’m slowly being suffocated. I’ve got nothing against layers. I am a firm believer in layers. If it’s cold outside, a t-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie and a jacket will keep you nice and toasty. If you are cold in bed, toss on a couple more layers of blankets. These are layers by choice and I really don’t appreciate layers of snow being shoved down my throat without any say in the matter. Right now that glass has just a splash of liquid in it.

If it’s hot outside, you’re happy it’s summer and everything is green and plush. It’ll be a bit cooler tomorrow. When tomorrow is hotter than the day before, you have faith that tomorrow will cool down. When tomorrow is hotter with 321% humidity, you wonder if your layer theory works in reverse. Maybe peeling off of few of those layers of skin will help cool you down. This is the part when that glass melts into a puddle of nothing.

If you get separated from your partner by choice, you recognize the courage you had to make such a difficult, life changing decision and you appreciate the freedom you can now enjoy. When the divorce papers get served, you recognize that conflict is a normal part of the process. You expected this. When alimony talks begin, you didn’t expect any of this this and you see your ex more as Nurse Ratchet and when alimony is settled, you recognize that you don’t like that glass, you never trusted that glass and you don’t want that glass anymore.

I guess you could say that we are optimists teetering on the brink of pessimism.

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