Harmony, Peace & Happiness

I like to think I am a work in progress. I suppose we all are… I will never be “done”. I go about life and take its ups and downs with the ultimate goal being happiness. Inner peace and happiness. I will admit it is much easier said than done…I am learning every day about people, about relationships, but mostly about myself. I believe with all my heart in the Law of Attraction and having control of my life and my mind. Not only is what I think and how I act related to what I experience, it controls it and in turn it allows me to create my own reality. And I have all the power to create it and the power to change it. Not the other way around. However, knowing this and practicing it are entirely different things…

I try to embrace all the beauty and goodness in life and recognize the simplest of things. There is certainly no shortage. A “Good Morning” from a stranger, holding the door open for someone at the store, letting someone go first on the road and seeing them wave and say “Thank You”. Looking at the sky at the incredible colors it displays, a nice quiet walk, the sound of leaves during a summer breeze, the smell of rain on a hot summer day and the goosebumps I get every time I listen to Claire de Lune. The endless love, affection and loyalty of a dog. They are our most precious creatures and their love for us knows no boundaries.

I trust people and try to see the good in everyone. It is there, I am convinced, even if it is difficult to see and I must train myself to look beyond what I see. I pray for my friends and those I love and pray even more for those that require a little more understanding on my part. It is so much easier to be angry, but there is no compassion in anger. And while I have convinced myself at times that I have every reason to be angry and resentful at times, I do not. Strength is in understanding, taking the extra effort and energy to understand even when I just don’t feel like it. And in understanding comes harmony, peace and happiness.

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