Inspiration surrounds us all…It is everywhere if we choose to see it. From a spectacular sunset to a seedling emerging from the soil and everything in between. We marvel at nature’s work as we are surrounded by trees whose branches are infinitely different from one another with leaves of all shapes and sizes…Countless flowers and herbs whose appearance and fragrances captivate the senses…the smell of privet in the summer and the incredibly relaxing sound of leaves stroked by a warm summer breeze.

The majestic architectural wonders that we create and the graceful aging of these masterpieces. The elegance of a fine piece of furniture and the warmth and beauty of the wood it’s created with; a proud weathered lamppost refusing to be re-painted… The wonder of music and its remarkable ability to bring a tear to one’s eye simply because of the sequence and tone of a few notes. It’s melody caresses one’s body in the most comforting sense in a successful attempt at soothing one’s soul.

It is quite an emotional experience to witness all of this and to be a part of it. THIS is what inspires me and I am constantly in awe of it all…

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