Fill It Up Please

I was working very late one night and on my way home I stopped for gas. It was probably about 12:30 AM. So I pull into the gas station and ask the guy to fill it up and all is good. I’m looking forward to getting home to get to sleep and start my incredibly stress filled day tomorrow. The guy fills the tank, I pay him and I start up my car and pull away when all of a sudden I heard this really bad metal scraping sound. I stop the car and I look into the passenger side rear mirror and I see this metal thing sticking out of the gas tank. Well, it turns out that I was a bit premature in leaving and the gas hose was still in my car.

I stop, get out of the car and I tell the guy how sorry I was for the whole situation. I tell him that I will gladly pay for the damages to the gas pump and that I will go into the store to talk with the manager. The manager was pretty busy with other customers so I thought I’d make use of my time to see how much my cost might be to fix this pump so I google “How to fix a gasoline pump when idiots like me drive off with the pump still attached.” The best I could come up with was that it could cost me around $200.” It turned out that all gas pumps are equipped with a quick-disconnect connection and that it is designed to come apart under these circumstances. Be that as it may, I was still getting very concerned as I watched the attendant try and put the connection back together. It was not going well as I watched him getting dowsed with gasoline as he tried to hook it back up.

I finally spoke with the store manager and gave him my phone number so he could call me with the damages. I never heard back from him so I figured he got it fixed but from that point on, I look into my mirror to make sure the hose is out of my tank.

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