What’s a Carburetor?

I had to get a rebuild kit for the carburetor on my 69 Camaro so I went to an auto parts store that I had gone to for many years. I get to the counter and said “I need a rebuild kit for a 450CFM, 4 barrel Holley carburetor.” Pretty straightforward, right? After all, I’m in an auto parts store and I am asking for parts for an auto. I know I’m in the right place and I know I’ve got an auto because it’s got 4 wheels and a steering wheel so I think it qualifies.

So this young person who is probably less than half the age of my car has this puzzled look on his face. He fumbles through a few pages in the big book of parts when he just surrenders and says “I don’t know what a carburetor is.” It’s a silver thing that sits on top of an internal combustion engine that mixes air and fuel to make the engine run. The look on his face was priceless. I could have said there are half dozen pink elephants dancing in the parking lot outside and gotten the same reaction.

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