We have a cat. Her name is Audrey. We used to have a dog. His name is Otis. Otis lives with our kids now. When Otis lived with us, he showed his affection towards Audrey by humping her every chance he could get and much of our time spent with him was telling him to stop humping the cat. I have to say that Otis was very helpful with trying to keep Audrey’s litter box clean by dumpster diving every now and then. His definition of food was pretty broad. It was his way of showing us that he cared.

Ever since Otis moved, Audrey has been a much more present. It’s become clear now that her main goal was to just hide from Otis when he lived with us. Now she is with us all the time, bless her little feline soul. I don’t think she really ever sleeps. In the middle of the night I can feel her jump on the bed and circle around us to find the best place to cozy up and much of the time she likes to lie on my chest with her head about an inch from my face. She apparently never learned of the 18″ personal space between two people, but then again, she’s a cat…

Audrey makes this squeaky meow sound when she jumps up onto our bed in the middle of the night and it’s just a matter of time when you feel her footsteps on the bed in the darkness. She’ll go around one side then circle back to the other side and I often feel like General Custer at The Battle of Little Big Horn when she does this. It’s just a matter of time before she subtlety attacks. Sometimes she will circle and then sit, staring at you in one spot, then she is in another spot, staring at you again. In the daytime, she’s there sitting and staring and at night you can see the silhouette of her sitting and staring at you. Audrey is perfectly harmless, but she does freak me out sometimes.

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