The Grillsman

The relationship between a man and his grill is special. The true grillsman is out there braving the elements in spring, summer, fall and winter. There are two types of grillsman. The refined one who makes sure the grille is cleaned after each use. He’s got all the right tools and is very organized. We’ll call the other type the down and dirty one. This would be me…The grille is not always cleaned, I make due with a minimum of tools and pretty much wing it. But make no mistake, both are dedicated and loyal to their grille. Time alone at the grille is important. It’s time to have a few drinks, take a hit, reflect on life and think of useless stuff like you’re reading right now.

The actual experience could be overwhelming. You hear the soft sensual sizzle of contact as you gently place the meat on the grille. You feel the heat. You anticipate the excitement to come…The intensity of the heat grows as you see flames appear from the slow drip of the meat. You carefully flip the meat as the flames continue to massage it. You sip your drink, take a hit and are thoroughly enjoying the intimacy of the whole experience. The flipping becomes more frequent and with more urgency as before, the heat builds as you reach the climactic moment…”It’s Done.” Ok, that may sound rather uneventful…

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