Charcoal vs Gas

I think it’s fair to say that the old school grillsman is loyal to his charcoal. I myself am loyal to convenience. Turn on the dials and we’re good to go. Perhaps the old school fellow appreciates the subtleties of charcoal more than most. I respect that. The process of getting the coals, loading them into the grille and lighting them. It’s all about the experience. Back in the day we would use lighter fluid to fire up the coals and there was always someone who would say. Come on squirt some more of that stuff on there. Now I think, I’m looking at a pile of coals already in flames so do I really want to do that?? I struggle to identify my choice of responses but I come up with (a) Fuck that. (b) You first or (c) Ok but let’s call the paramedics first.

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