Round 2

So what Trump will we see tonight at the debate? A scripted Trump or the combative, unhinged one we all saw the last time?

My money is on combative. If he’s scripted, he’s completely insincere and not believable. And if he’s not scripted, he’s the outspoken, 99.99% incorrect whatever he says guy that thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Please….At least sliced bread has a purpose…

I also put my money on the fact that the mute button will only give him a reason to talk more and be more obnoxious. I applaud the decision to use it, but it’s just another rule to break, just like releasing the 60 Minutes tape. Great move, Donald. Your “talent” for this stuff is immeasurable. They were going to try and measure it but finally threw up their hands and said fuck this, this doesn’t deserve to be measured.

So we will see…Let’s all get our popcorn and enjoy the show.

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