Trees and Snow

I’ve always been amazed at trees. The leaves turn beautiful colors, fall off and grow back in the spring. Every year. It’s Mother Nature showing off…But really, if the engineers on her staff were smart enough to design trees, then why couldn’t they figure out a leaf disposal system? Put a big vacuum under the dirt or something. I think they had it on their list, but it got cut from the budget. They had a choice between this and snow and the money went towards designing snow.  Bad decision. Soon the world found out about Mother Nature’s decision to go with the snow and it was not pretty. Protesters were everywhere, claiming they were having a hard time keeping up with raking all the leaves and needed leaves to be the priority.

Mother Nature attended dozens of tough town hall meetings to plead her case and on more than one occasion, she had to fight off a strong urge to throw around a few lightning bolts. At one of these meeting there was a guy that suggested someone design a snow blower which is a machine that blows snow. Sounds brilliant, right? One would think but the reaction was much like the Wright Brothers got when they started talking about flying. Ooookay suuuure people would say very slowly as they bobbed their heads up and down. But the guy stuck with it and we now have snow blowers. Personally I would have voted for leaf disposal but the snow blower is a great invention even if Mother Nature didn’t want to help finance it’s development. She became bitter over the whole experience and soon after invented hurricanes and tornadoes.

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