Food for Thought

There are many opinions about giving our dogs table food. While I respect those that do, I prefer to show my love in other ways in spite of the admirable efforts of our Otis to acquire food. It’s all about eye contact and Otis is a worthy opponent who knows he can stare you into submission so the key is to avoid eye contact. When he jumps onto the bed when I’m eating, up go my legs to block his line of sight. If he moves over, I move my legs over. It’s a carefully choreographed dance and more times than not he manages to get right next to me and places his paw on my arm. Now I could interpret this is a couple of ways. He’s thinking either (a) Stop being a dick and just give me the food or (b) I’m begging you. Please give me some food. I’m starving.

My vote goes to (a) Stop being a dick and just give me the food. Otis is a clever boy with an occasionally unmanageable amount of attitude.

I must admit I do have my moments of weakness. I just finished grilling some chicken and I thought I’d leave a few pieces in his dish when he wasn’t looking. It’d be a surprise and I can remain anonymous. I wanted to see his reaction when he saw the chicken. So he’s in the kitchen sniffing around when he sees the chicken in his dish. I stare at him, thinking he’ll know who put it there and either look over his shoulder and give me a “Thanks a Lot” nod or come to me for more. He ate the chicken and walked out.

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