Cajun Chicken

I was grilling some chicken recently when a friend suggested rubbing in some butter between the skin and the meat. Being one to always try something new, I gave it a try. The chicken is on the grille and all is well in the world. I’ve got a drink, had a hit and am standing in front of the grille listening to the sizzling of the meat. After a few minutes I get this uneasy feeling that something is wrong and before I know it flames are everywhere. I start re-arranging the pieces but they keep getting more intense. I’ve grilled chicken many times without this problem and I couldn’t understand why this was happening and then it hit me…

All THAT BUTTER!! Holy shit there’s enough butter in there for a year’s worth of pancakes and it’s dripping down into a less than clean grille. In a fit of panic I shut whole thing down to avoid having to choose between calling the fire department, getting a fire extinguisher or marshmallows. I do love marshmallows but considering the circumstances it probably wouldn’t have been the best choice.

So here I have eight pieces of chicken, actually seven now. There’s a wing that didn’t survive the flames for which memorial services will be held tomorrow. We hear Colonel Sanders may be attending if he can free up his schedule…So we have these severely charred pieces of chicken that anyone would have a hard time distinguishing from a chunk of charcoal. I go back into the house for moral support. I explain the situation and our friend who suggested the butter takes total control. She comes outside, moves them around a little, then puts them all in a frying pan with red wine for a few minutes and we serve it as Unexpected Cajun Chicken. It all worked out great but this is way more stressful than it should be…

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