Alimony $$

(Continued from Alimony $)

So I am now communicating directly with her lawyer and it becomes clear that simple answers don’t exist. If you need 20 words to make a point, a lawyer will do it with 100.

I say I want to have lunch”.

He saysWe need clarity with the term “lunch” and more detail with respect to the time period which would constitute the aforementioned “lunch”. Additionally, the type of food you typically purchase is considered dinner which is in conflict with the aforementioned term “lunch” and finally, since we were given no advance notice of the need for the aforementioned “lunch”, my client will expect to be compensated for her time waiting for you to finish.

Fuck you. I’m grabbing a sandwich.

I suppose I’m a bit of an idealist and would much prefer, “Sure! Go have lunch. Take your time and enjoy. And hey, it’s on us.” Yeah, it’s a bit extreme to think this way and is diametrically opposed to the thinking of my narcissist ex who lives by “All is fair is love and war”. A woman scorned as they say…I’ve seen some impressive bullshit over the last 9 years and I’ll give her credit for thinking outside the box. To her there is no box but since the possibility that there is a box implies there could be a box, she expects to be compensated for the box.

All is fair in love and war? I used to spend much of my time trying to get in touch with my cousins Carmine and Nunzio to do me a favor. The’ve got an extensive collection of Louisville Sluggers. No they are’t baseball fans but they offer collection services tailored to your needs.

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