I love dogs, actually all animals but for now we’ll talk about our canine friends. They are much smarter than we are and I think they know it. Our little guy, Otis is no exception. We’ve been friends for over a year and a half now. We take our daily walks, we talk and enjoy our time together. Half the time he is walking me but it’s ok. I look at my role as the guide…

Otis likes to let us know when someone is at the door or if some sort of activity is going on outside. Well that’s what I thought at first. He’d look at the front door and start barking. Like any well trained owner I would ask, Is someone out there? I go to the door and open it. “I don’t see anyone buddy”. He’s now standing about 10 feet from the door.  “Do you want to take a look?” He’d slowly walk to the door and takes a peek. “I don’t see anyone, do you?”. He turns around and goes back into the house. For the longest time I’ve been very proud of our relationship and how we have an understanding. Make no mistake about it, I love this little guy.

But it struck me last night that this little guy has quite a sense of humor and has been playing me like a well-tuned instrument in his own version of Pavlov’s Dogs. There is no food or salivating involved. It’s much simpler than that. Bark once, get human’s attention. Bark twice, he starts talking to you. After that, refer to sequence of events described above. And repeat, depending on how much entertainment is desired. Very smart indeed. I’ve seen him and Audrey, his feline sister, talking about this in the corner over there. He’s got this suspicious smirk on his face as he talks to her and looks at me.

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