Wanna Buy a Chevy?

Last Thursday, the White House released this video addressed to seniors with regard to COVID medicine. It looks either like a guy selling used cars or a guy doing a standup audition in his last ditch effort to keep from starving. Not sure which but can’t you picture him with a row of old Chevy’s behind him with big yellow prices flashing on the screen? Either way, it’s 2 minutes of Comedy Central. And I couldn’t help post the short video of the chimp. The hand motions look just like Trump’s.

If you don’t want to check it out that’s ok, but I’d like to share some of my thoughts on what I’ll call the highlights of the speech. First his words in bold, then mine.

“To my favorite people in the world. The seniors.”

I’m yawning…

I took this medicine and it was incredible. It was incredible. It was incredible the impact it had. And we’re going make that and others similar to it, almost identical. We’re going to make them available immediately.

So…this impactful, incredibly incredible, almost identically similar medicine is on it’s way. That makes no fucking sense!

“Things that have taken 2,3,4 years are taking a matter of weeks or even sooner than that. And that’s because of me.”

What kind of things? Big things? Little things? Cheap things? Expensive things?

We’re taking care of our seniors. You’re not vulnerable but they like to say the vulnerable. You’re the least vulnerable but for this one thing, you are vulnerable.

Yes…He actually said that.

But I want you to get the same care that I got. I got incredible care at Walter Reed. Incredible doctors and this medicine in particular this one medicine was unbelievable. You’re going to get the same medicine, you’re going to get it free. No charge. And we’re going to get it to you soon.

Great! When can we expect those $100,000 checks in the mail? Oh and don’t worry about putting your name on them. The important names will already be there.

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