The Tribe – Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner is an American investor, real estate developer, and newspaper publisher. Wow! Sounds impressive. Now his job is to please dad-in-law. What an honor it must be. But don’t you find it ironic that he got his start in real estate when his dad was convicted and incarcerated for fraud? He fits right into the family and the circus. His qualifications are perfect now that he is responsible for Middle East Peace, Opiod Crisis Management, Criminal Justice Reform, Liaison to Mexico, Liaison to China, Liaison to the Muslim Community and Government Reform. Suure… You go on ahead and revamp the entire federal government. It’s better than Al Gore inventing the internet…

Following his father’s incarceration, he took a much bigger role in the family real estate business. As of 2019, Kushner’s net worth is estimated at about $800 million. Yeah, but you gotta believe that his accountant is the same person as dad-in-law. Calling him dad-in-law seems totally inappropriate. Maybe person-in-law…

Once he became a henchman for the self-proclaimed king, he handed control of the family business to a relative. But don’t you think he’s still involved in the family business? Of course he is. And it’s not like when I worked in an office where personal calls were frowned upon and you had to whisper into the phone to try and be inconspicuous. Oh no. He’d feel very comfortable saying “Yes, I’m trying to run my business here. Please close the door on your way out.” How could he be any other way with a crooked dad and even crookeder (yes, it’s a word) dad-in-law. He didn’t stand a chance, but he does wear his loyalty to the circus proudly.

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