The Tribe – Jason Miller

Jason Miller – Senior Advisor for the Tribe….

He lives near Washington, D.C. with his wife and their two daughters. He also fathered a child with A. J. Delgado during a brief extra-marital affair, born six months after his second child. A.J. Delgado is a campaign staffer for the circus…

In 2018 Miller was accused of drugging his mistress with an abortifacient drug, by blending a pill into a fruit smoothie. This type of drug causes a miscarriage. The ensuing controversy caused him to leave his position as a political commentator on CNN. In 2019 Miller admitted in court that he had a history of visiting prostitutes and enjoying “Asian-themed” massage parlors.

I mean really…How can one resist hiring such a model citizen! The Orange had no problem with any of that so let’s give him a key White House position?! And so he joined the circus.

He proved just how well he fits it the other day during a Chuck Todd interview.

Sure acts like a programmed robot to me…

Several times, Miller responded to a question by saying “I can’t speak to that question but…” We’re not asking you to speak to the question. We’re asking for an ANSWER to the question. This concept clearly escaped him and when he went into robot mode, it was a little scary.

I think he’s an android. No really. The unsettling way he was talking and how he dodged questions was just plain creepy.

I’m going to add more about Mr. Miller but it’s getting late and I want to spend some time with my girl…

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