The In-Laws

My in-laws were good people at heart. You had to dig down a lot deeper for some than others , but all in all they were ok. But they had this excessive need for drama. The phone was always ringing with the issue of the day. And throughout the years I’ve made a few observations…

Sunday dinners were loud marathons. 5 hours of food, wine, sarcasm, insulting and arguing. Watching this, one would think these people really didn’t like one another but at the end of the day everyone hugged, shook hands and said “Had a great time today. See you next week.” I began to wonder if these were really her relatives or if it was Field Trip Day at the local asylum.

The in-laws bought a tv. They called to ask for help in getting it out of the car. We live 5 blocks away. No problem. Let me finish dinner and I’ll be right there. 3 minutes later the phone rings again. Where are you?? I’m just finishing diner and coming now. One minute later another phone call. Never mind it’s done. We got someone else. You’re welcome. Looking forward to not helping next time with anything you don’t want our help with.

There are people that are early, late or on time. The ex and her parents were the kind of people that needed to be there early, sometimes really early. I remember going to a birthday party that started at 2:30. It was 1:00 and were about 10 minutes away when I pulled off the road to stop at a store to pick something up. It was not a very popular decision. The natives got very restless when out of nowhere screams of “What are you doing???!!! We need to get there!” rang throughout the car at an ear piercing pitch. Fortunately, I was able to navigate through the involuntary body convulsions I was having and park the car. The insanity continued as I opened the car door to escape the asylum these inmates just took over. I could still hear the yelling with the car door closed 20 feet away. I got what I needed and slowly walked back to the car, feeling much like McMurphy surrendering to Nurse Ratchet…

There’s so much more to post…

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