The Apple Tree

There was a small apple tree in the backyard of our first house. The apples would fall on the ground, the squirrels would munch on them and leave parts of apples all over the yard. It was getting pretty messy. So the in-laws were visiting, AGAIN, and I may have said it’d be nice if the apple tree wasn’t there. So I get home from work the next day, pull into the driveway and notice there is no apple tree in the backyard. I start looking around at my house and my neighbor’s houses to make sure I’m in the right place. Ok, this looks like my house and that one looks like my neighbor’s house so I guess this must be my yard. So where’s the fucking tree?? And then it comes to me…”DAD!!”, with the same tone of voice as “NEWMAN!!” He’s proven many times that he has a chronic cases of “I just want to help” and it’s usually a big surprise and often unwelcome  when he does. So I go into the house, mention it to the wife and she says. Oh yeah, my dad cut it down today. And why would he do that? Well we did say it’d be nice if it weren’t there. Fair enough, next time they are here I’m going to tell them that it’d be nice if there were world peace and I had a Ferrari. Let’s see what he can do with that…

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