The Absence of Reality

Agent Orange is delusional. We know this. To him, the debate a few nights ago was a big win. To the rest of the functioning world it was the biggest embarrassment the likes of which the world has never seen before, to use one of his favorites lines.

But our reality is not, nor has it ever been, a concern to him. His plan is to wear us all down into complacency and get us all to the point where we just don’t care. If you look at a duck and are being told it’s an elephant, your first impression would be to try and obtain a straight jacket for this individual or call the local psychiatric ward in town.

Think about being told it’s an elephant 1,000 times. For a while, you object and over time, for many of us, we may object a little less and finally get to the point where you say, enough, ok fine. Shit, I just described my marriage…


  1. Knowing a bit about where this particular journey of yours started, I’d be interested in hearing how you came to be where you are now with regards to Agent Orange, and why you might think that so many of us seem unable to make that same trek.

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    1. Hey Tim. Thank you for your comment. A good portion of what I write is sugar coated serious stuff with no intention to offend. Everyone has it in them to make whatever trek is needed in their life. No other assumptions are made about anyone here. With all the mistakes I’ve made in my life, I’m the last to judge.

      As for Agent Orange, in my mind he was tolerable when he started. Not my favorite type of personality, but manageable but for only a short time. After 6 months I was seriously concerned. Now, I am truly concerned about the fate of our country. All the political posts I’ve made are about Trump and that’s because it is my way to vent my frustration and share some of my thoughts with the world.


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