Greetings from the King

So we’re driving down the LIE one fine afternoon. We are in the HOV lane when we suddenly realize we may miss our exit and as I exit the lane, Melanie says to me very calmly and with expected accuracy, “You know what you just did is illegal.” Before I could say anything I see New York’s finest in my rearview mirror with lights flashing to invite me to pull over and have a chat. So after brief introductions, the officer takes my license, registration and insurance card and goes back to his car to do whatever he does with this sort of thing. Maybe have a donut, sip on his coffee, call the wife…He finally comes back with, surprisingly, a ticket. But this is no ordinary ticket. It was more of a big scroll, like the ones from Medieval times about Sir Lancelot, or the king is going to attack or an invitation to a hanging…whatever. Something like that. It was big. So we accept the scroll and ask the officer to send the king our best wishes.

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