We are on our way to Bushwick in Brooklyn to visit a beautiful young woman who I will lovingly call my daughter. It usually takes about 45 minutes and I always use Waze when we go. Why you ask? Two reasons…(1) Waze will tell you the best and quickest way to get there and (2) My brain cells are spoiled by programs like Waze.

But Waze has been acting very strange lately. The normal 45 minute drive turns into an amount of time that made me feel like I had to shower again. It turned a rather calm, easy going person as myself into one that talks to the phone firmly and reprimands it for making bad directional decisions.

So we push on, forced to deal with Waze and as we drive we get the distinct feeling that we are going in the wrong direction. ALL THE TIME…Now I’m not the guy you go to for directions pretty much anywhere, but this was a strong enough feeling to offset my directional challenges. At one point we felt like we were going in circles and then we’d expect to see a sign that said Welcome to Pennsylvania. And through it all I am yelling at the phone. Things got a little complicated when we realized the phone was in control. It was telling us where to go and having a lot of fun doing so. I’ve seen movies about this stuff and it usually doesn’t end well for the human. We pleaded with the phone but it wouldn’t hear any of it. We finally got to Bushwick 4-1/2 days later and severly dehydrated.

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