Cameras. I Mean “Real” Cameras…

Long before we had iPhones, we had, and still do have a device called a camera. The camera is a nifty device that takes pictures of things. It’s a pretty boring thing since it does not provide access to the internet, you can’t check your email on it nor can you find out what time it is from it.

Unbeknownst to many, they are still around. I’ve got a 40 year old camera and I was describing it to a relatively young individual the other day. After a rather lengthy description, the only response I got was “Wait a minute, you mean you can’t see the picture when you are taking it?” Well no, that’s part of the fun. After a few minutes of explaining F Stop and depth of field settings, I started to see this glazed over look on his face. Then when I told him that you have to take the film out of the camera and drive somewhere to get it developed he started shaking uncontrollably and it was clear he has no fucking idea what I was talking about. I stopped talking immediately for fear he would need medical attention if I continued…

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