A Conspiracy Theory…

So I’ll play devil’s advocate…

What if Agent Orange is lying about having COVID? I know it’s not fair to question his honesty since he has proven time and time again just how honest he has been over the last 4 years. Just an impeccable track record…

Here’s a guy that, above all, needs to feel or at least appear strong. A Macho kind of guy that’s unbelievably full of himself with literally nothing to show for it. So why on earth would he admit he has this virus? It would make him appear weak. But, what if he were to make it all up to (a) get out of the next debate and (b) try and get some sympathy from the general public. I know, admitting he has the virus would make him appear weak. But…Since he’s the one choosing to admit this false claim, he is in control. It’s all about control.

He knows he totally screwed up the debate, regardless of what he says. And with his poll numbers plummeting, he knows he’s standing at the edge of the Potomac River with a cinder block strapped to his ankle just waiting for someone to give him a gentle push.

So he talks to his billionaire friends and tells them, listen, I’m going to do this, the market will take a pretty good hit which will be a great opportunity for all of you to make a few million each. Since I’m in the middle of a major financial thing, I’ll take half of your cut. The market will go back up in a few days or a week, and everyone’s happy.

So maybe he gets a few more votes and makes a few million at the same time. How grand is life! And have we noticed that the folks that are getting infected as a result are all Republicans and his close staff? He’s got all of them wrapped around his tiny little fingers so why not give all of them an offer they can’t refuse? Agent Orange doesn’t do “middle of the road” kind of things. It’s all or nothing so let’s get everyone on board with the plan! And don’t think for a minute there’s money involved. Oooh No…His staff and senators that are infected are his playthings. Mere puppets that do as they are told or they must hit the road.

So that’s my admittedly twisted version of what I think might be happening and I’m sure some of you have thought this way or some version of it. I’m sure you are out there. I’m not that special…

Sadly, this is how I think but I’ve been given, as millions of others, every reason to doubt everything out of this clowns mouth.

If it looks like a clown and acts like a clown, sure as shit it must be a clown…

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